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8 new WebAssembly tools you should know

WebAssembly, aka Wasm, lets you execute code in a browser, support other languages besides JavaScript on the web, and speed up applications. A tools ecosystem is growing around the technology, which is backed by browser makers Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Mozilla.

Existing WebAssembly tools inclide Rust-wasm, which provides a WebAssembly interpreter, and Wasmlib, a C# library for reading and writing WebAssembly binary files. But more tools are joining the WebAssembly ecosystem. Here are eight new ones.


The Life project at cloud marketplace Perlin consists of a cross-platform VM written in Google’s Go language. Described as secure, fast, and modular, Life runs computation-heavy code on multiple devices. Originally intended as the execution environment for computational tasks at Perlin, Life was built from the WebAssembly reference manual and uses a range of optimization techniques. There is no reliance on native dependencies and it can be cross-compiled to run on platforms such as Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android, and iOS. User code is sandboxed for security.

Where to download Life

You can download Life from a Perlin GitHub repo.

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