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Eirini project brings Kubernetes to Cloud Foundry

Eirini, an open source project that integrates the Cloud Foundry cloud application platform with the Kubernetes container management platform, is now available in a “tech preview” from IBM. 

An incubation project within Cloud Foundry Foundation, Eirini enables pluggable scheduling for the Cloud Foundry Application Runtime. With Eirini, Cloud Foundry users can choose between Diego and Kubernetes to orchestrate application container instances. Choose Kubernetes, and Cloud Foundry applications are deployed to a Kubernetes back-end using OCI images and Kubernetes Deployments. Diego has served as the default scheduler for the Cloud Foundry Application Runtime. The goal behind Eirini is to ensure that users have the same experience regardless of which scheduler is used.

IBM’s Eirini preview in IBM Cloud provides early access to Big Blue’s commercial implementation of the technology. Eirini itself has been around for about six months. Component of Eirini include the following:

  • Orchestrator Provider Interface (OPI), which provides a declarative abstraction over multiple schedulers. OPI was inspired by the Diego LRP/Task model and the Bosh CPI concept.
  • Bifrost, which converts and transfers application-specific cloud controller requests to OPI-specific objects to run in Kubernetes.
  • Stager, which implements staging by running Kubernetes/OPI one-off tasks.

You can download Eirini from GitHub. IBM’s Kubernetes scheduler for Cloud Foundry is available for self-provisioning on IBM Cloud.

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