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How to use Azure Blob storage in ASP.Net Core

It’s easy to take advantage of Microsoft Azure cloud resources in ASP.Net Core, Microsoft’s cross-platform, lean, and modular framework for building high-performance web applications. You can use an Azure storage account to store or retrieve data, for example. Such data might include files, blobs, queues, or tables. In this article we’ll look at how we can upload data to Azure Blob storage from an ASP.Net Core application.

Create an ASP.Net Core Web API project in Visual Studio

Assuming that you’re running Visual Studio 2017, you can follow the steps outlined below to create an ASP.Net Web API project in Visual Studio 2017.

  1. In the Visual Studio IDE, click on File > New > Project.
  2. Select “ASP.Net Core Web Application (.Net Core)” from the list of templates displayed.
  3. Specify a name for the project.
  4. Click OK to save the project.
  5. Select “API” in the “New .Net Core Web Application…” window.
  6. Uncheck the “Enable Docker Support” checkbox.
  7. Select “No Authentication” as we won’t be using authentication here.
  8. Click OK.

This will create a new ASP.Net Core 2.1 Project in Visual Studio 2017.

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