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Making Kubernetes work for the average engineer—via PaaS

Too consumed with your OpenStack deployment to put a Kubernetes cluster on the blockchain? Not to worry: Most people are still trying to figure out Kubernetes. Despite being the hottest thing since, well, Docker, Kubernetes remains a dark art for most mainstream enterprises. Birthed by the engineering gods at Google, Kubernetes still has a lot of abstractions to learn before it will be approachable by an average engineer.

Which is fine, because most developers won’t have to bother. The great thing about technological complexity is that there are companies set up to remove it. Indeed, as one HackerNews commentator said, “Most startups—most large companies—would be far better served with a real PaaS, rather than container orchestration.”

Fortunately, we have a few vendors doing just that.

Do you really want to be like Google? Then deploy your own Kubernetes

Google, where Kubernetes was born, has big data problems that most companies can hardly even imagine, much less replicate. Even so, as companies struggle to deal with rising data levels, technologies like Kubernetes seem like a good idea.

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