Mobile : 5 Cool Android Apps for Summer

Whether you’re hanging out at home or planning a trip to the beach, your Android™ device can add to the summer fun. Google Play™ has all the apps you need to make a hot day so much cooler.MyUV Alert

MyUV Alert

Preparing for a day in the sun means slathering on the sunscreen: But what level of protection do you need? Coppertone’s MyUVAlert app provides an instant look at what the UV Index that day will be, along with the recommended gear you’ll want to bring along, from a pair of sunglasses to a full umbrella. You also get a full weather forecast. After all, there’s no sense packing up the cooler, the sunscreen and the beach balls if rain’s on the horizon.

Hot Tip: Tap the Extended Forecast button to get a preview of what the next day’s UV conditions are likely to be. If the sun’s no good today, there’s always tomorrow.

Packing List

Packing List

You probably don’t want to spend your vacation at the store shopping for items you forget to pack, so it’s smart to be prepared for any trip before you leave the house. The Packing List app helps you organize your gear, no matter how complicated it might be, so you never leave home without the essentials. Organize your gear by category (camera equipment, beach supplies, documents), to make it easier to keep track of everything you’re toting.

Hot Tip: Save different packing lists for different trips and re-use them as needed. No need to start from scratch for next week’s trip back to the beach.



Headed to the beach? Amusement park? Poolside with a book? The perfect day isn’t complete without the perfect soundtrack to go along with it, and that’s just what the Songza app provides. No need to fuss with a fat music library to build a playlist. Songza offers a curated library of thousands of playlists, organized by activity, genre, mood and decade. It’s all free, with no audio advertisements to interrupt your groove.

Hot Tip: Songza has a social network built right in, so you can see what friends are spinning. Or share your playlists and favorite tracks on Facebook, Twitter or email.

Weber’s On the Grill

Weber’s On the Grill

For some of us, summertime means tying on an apron and manning the grill every afternoon. When you’re tired of burgers and hot dogs, the Weber’s On the Grill app helps you plan outdoor meals with a huge selection of 280 delicious recipes from the Weber catalog, plus 40 recipes for rubs, sauces and marinades. Search by recipe name or by ingredient—any term will turn up delicious grillables.

Hot Tip: Store the ingredients needed for any recipe (or more than one) to create an instant shopping list, and share both the recipes and the shopping list with friends and family, so you can split up the work.



No need to haul around a stack of books (or an extra digital gadget) for summer reading at the beach. Your Android device can access your Amazon Kindle account directly with the Kindle app, letting you turn your smartphone or tablet into an instant e-reader. Amazon’s digital library currently contains over a million books and magazines, each synced automatically with your Android device after you make a purchase.

Hot Tip: You’re not out of reading material when you finish your latest acquisition. You can purchase additional titles from Amazon directly through the Kindle app.

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