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Visual Studio Code’s Python add-on tries out data science

Microsoft’s Python language extension for the Visual Studio Code editor has added beta data-science capabilities that support data exploration and incorporation of machine learning models.

Developers can use the beta features to explore data similar to how they would use Jupyter Notebooks, but with a familiar editor and favorite settings. User can run Individual cells using the IPython kernel and visualize frames, interact with plots, restart kernels, and export to Jupyter Notebooks. Developers can inspect code such as interactive plots and data frames.

The Python extension also lets you import Jupyter Notebooks. Imported code is extracted into a Python file; developers can use IntelliSense, refactoring, and live debugging with it. Developers can import and turn Jupyter notebooks into production-ready Python modules, extracting Python code and markdown blocks from the notebook.

Where to download the Visual Studio Code Python extension

You can download the Python extension for Visual Studio Code from the Visual Studio marketplace.

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