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Oracle forges a Java microservices framework

Oracle has introduced Project Helidon, an open source microservices framework for Java.

Helidon features a collection of Java libraries for writing microservices that will run on a web core powered by the Netty network application framework. The project also includes Helidon Reactive WebServer, which provides a functional programming model to run on Netty. Cloud application development is supported, along with health checks, metrics, tracing, and fault tolerance.

Oracle said that although it is already possible to build Java EE (Enterprise Edition) microservices, it is better to have a framework designed for this purpose. The intent has been to build lightweight libraries that do not require an application server and can be used in Java SE (Standard Edition).

Although these libraries can be used separately, when used together they provide foundations for microservices creation, including security, configuration, and a web server.

Helidon implements Version 1.1 of MicroProfile, a microserivces effort that arose out of frustration with Oracle’s perceived neglect of Java EE two years ago; both Java EE and MicroProfile have since been placed under the jurisdiction of Eclipse. Plans also call for Helidon to back new versions of MicroProfile as well as relevant Jakarta EE standards. Jakarta EE is Eclipse’s enterprise Java implementation. Oracle Cloud integrations also are expected for Helidon.

Helidon is packaged in two versions:

  • Helidon SE, a lightweight microframework developed in a reactive way. JDK (Java SE Development Kit) serves as the runtime.
  • Helidon MP, a MicroProfile implementation providing a development experience familiar to Java EE and Jakarta EE developers. It serves as a runtime for microservices.

Where to download Helidon

You can download Helidon from GitHub.

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