BrandPost: The Quest for Agility

The widespread disruptions caused by Covid-19 are redefining business agility. It’s no longer just about pursuing new opportunities, building code quickly, or ensuring disaster recovery. With millions of workers booted out of their offices and reliant on home Internet connections to stay connected and productive, the very nature of agility has taken on new dimensions as people and organizations discovered how well, or not, they were able to respond to unanticipated challenges.

That has a lot of people thinking, as was evident by the large turnout for a July 24 IDG TechTALK sponsored by Comcast Business, where participants engaged in a lively discussion on how the quest for business agility has accelerated and what technologies, tools, and processes will better prepare us for what the future holds. Recent research conducted by IDG supports the notion that IT decision makers are rethinking their digital transformation priorities in order to up their agility.

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