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…. The GAME ….

(A fictional Story)

Hello…Am Aiden…. Am 22 years old… this happened to me went I was 17 years old…

So… I will tell you my story about went I met the game, And it’s not an ordinary game… It’s a Haunted game!

Let’s just get into it…


It All started went I was at home.

Aiden: Geez, watching tv ALL day is SOOO boring- Wait! I got a perfect idea, lets go to the computer and download some cool games!

-Went Aiden got to the computer-

Aiden: Uhm… All those games look so great… But I want a literally scary game- wait…. There’s a game… called (Haunted game)? Wha- why did the owner named it Haunted game??? It’s a game dude It’s not like there’s a ghost (Laughing) Lemme call my friend and tell him about the game lol.

(Went Aiden calls his friend and his friend answered)

Aiden: Hey my guy!

Alexandra: Hey dude! what’s up?

Aiden: Oh nothing, SO I called u to tell you about this game called (Haunted game)- The game literally wants us *kids* *Teens* even adults to believe it’s haunted lol.

Alexandra: Wait… did you just say… Haunted game? Dude the game isn’t joking its REALLY HAUNTED!!! Kids got kidnapped because of that game! Don’t u dare play it Aiden I don’t want to lose you.

(Aiden was silent for a moment)

Aiden: What…? Oh…. ok…. Sorry my guy!

Alexandra: It’s Okay.

Aiden: Ok. Bye!

Alexandra: Bye Aiden!!

(They both hang up the phone call)

Aiden: He really believed me to say no for a stupid game? Lol! Let’s just play it I mean like, what could possibly go wrong? It’s just a stupid game!

(Went Aiden opened the game)

Aiden: I must write my name okay… Let’s write my real name Aiden Jaxson, (Clicks Enter)

Ok first question, (Have you EVER Murdered someone before?) (Choses (No, Yes, many times.)

Aiden: HUH?!?!? What kind of question is that?! I never! I chose (NO)

(Clicks No)

Aiden: let’s just get to the next question… I hope it’s not like the *Murder* Stuff.

(next question)

(have you EVER had a fight with your best friend?) choses (Ofc! No! Yes but no many!)

Aiden: U serious game?

(Then Aiden froze because of the moment he saw a ghost at the screen!)

Aiden: W-what was t-t-that…? is it true is this game really haunted…? Well. God knows, anyways let answer the question! I chose No! duh.

(Aiden Pretended To act like nothing happened but from the inside. He was Terrified He wanted to answer all the questions ASAP!

3rd Question…

(Are you feeling terrified right now?)  Choses (No… Yeah… a bit! Yes, a lot!)

Aiden: I-I don’t know how to solve this one… I think I will choose yes…

4th question…

(Was the ghost you saw scared you?) Choses (Yes Ofc! Nope, I guess)

Aiden: …… How did it know I saw a ghost!?! This game is haunted yes, it is! I will be honest it did scare me a lot! So Yes of course! 

5th question (LAST QUESTION)

(do you want to end the game?) Choses (Yes, No!)

Aiden: … Yes. Yes please!

(The game)

(Are you sure ☹?)


(Heheh… You’ve chose the wrong answer <:) )

Aiden: Huh…?

(Then Aiden suddenly froze, this time he REALLY wishes he listened to his friend Alexandra,

Ghosts started coming out of the computer Then all were around him… Saying this sentence, (Come with us! Come with us! Come with US! COME WITH US!)

There repeated it millions of times, Aiden was so scared he literally Wishes He NEVER EVER Found the game…)

Aiden: NO PLEASE STOP! I…- stop please am terrified…

(The ghosts)

 Ghost number 1:? We are very sorry, we did not mean to scare you human sir.

Ghost number 2: Yes, we did not mean it.


Ghost number 3: We actually came here because we wanted sand…and ore…

Aiden: WAIT WHA- But Why’d you say (Come with us?)

Ghost number 1: Oh yeah, we couldn’t think of another Sentence to say- so uh sorry.

Aiden: Umm… Okay… I guess I accept your apology, I will give you guys some sand and I’ll try to find a ore-

All the 3 ghosts: THANKS!!!

(So after Aiden got them the sand and the ore)

Ghost number 1: Thank you!

Ghost number 2: Thanks Man!

Ghost number 3: Thank you sir 😀

Aiden: No problem!

(After the ghosts left)

Aiden: I will call my man to tell him the game is not haunted-

Aiden: -Calls-

Alexandra: -Calls back-

Aiden: hey dude!

Alexandra: Oh, hey man, what’s up??

Aiden: Soo- I played the haunted game-

Alexandra: WHAT?!?! Am so glad they did NOT take you

Aiden: Welp, they only wanted sand and ore-

Alexandra: Uh who is *They*

Aiden: The ghosts!

Alexandra: WAIT WHA-

Aiden: -Hangs up-

Aiden: So guys, that’s my story I mean in the first it was pretty terrifying for me but in the end it wasn’t I guess stories does have happy endings right?


By: Nibras Muawia

Channel name: Nibras Alhamady

Date: 4/27/2021

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