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How developers can get the ops team on their side

If you build it, someone has to monitor it. In most companies, that person is a bit on the bitter side, standing like Gandalf on the causeway to your greatest software achievement to date, screaming ”You shall not pass” in futility.

It doesn’t have to be this way; it shouldn’t be dev vs. ops. You just need to build stuff that doesn’t make the code monitor’s life miserable. Consider the ops team as one of your customers, and make software that it can use. Make life livable for the people working downstream from you.

Here are ten ways you can help the code monitor, and ops in general, help you.

Follow agreed-upon standards

If the structure of the software is familiar, you’ll encounter less resistance. So, write up and follow a set of standards around what technologies are used, how they’re used, and the overall “shape” of your software.

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