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Wouldn’t it be nice to write blockchain-based decentralized applications (dapps) without having to constantly follow the performance and scaling news of Ethereum? Check out Blockstack, a cleverly built set of application development tools for building dapps on the Bitcoin blockchain. The mechanics of building an app on Blockstack are similar to those of building a standard website, so a lot of the development principles are easy to pick up. That’s where the similarities typically end, though.

As a user, you authenticate with any Blockstack app using a single, decentralized identity that gets imprinted on the Bitcoin blockchain and that you control. Your application data, such as documents, chat history, or podcast subscriptions, don’t get stored in the vault of the app creator. Instead, you keep all of your application data in a personal locker of your choosing, outside the access and control of the creator. Start building with Blockstack and understand what it feels like when your behavior isn’t constantly being monitored.

— Jonathan Freeman

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