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What’s new in Rust 1.33

Version 1.33 of the Rust systems programming language is now available.

Current version: What’s new in Rust 1.33

Rust 1.33 debuted in late February 2019 with the following new features:

  • A new language concept, called pinning, is now available. Pinning allows the developer to specify an object in memory that is guaranteed not to move. The Pin type and the Unpin marker trait are used to implement this.
  • The const fn declaration, used to declare functions that can be called in constant expressions at compile time, has been expanded to cover many more use cases, such as let bindings (including mutable ones), assignment expressions, and expression statements. In short, the const fn declaration makes more of the language available in a compile-time context.
  • The use n as _ syntax allows you to import the impl of a trait without polluting the namespace it is imported into.
  • Many library elements have been stabilized by being made const.

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