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10 Visual Studio Code extensions for every developer

Visual Studio Code isn’t just a text editor. It’s an IDE, a project organizer, a data workbench, and countless other things. The huge and ever-growing forest of extensions for Visual Studio Code allow you to cut it to fit and paint it to match for any job.

Because Visual Studio Code can work with virtually any programming language, some of the most valuable extensions for it are the language-agnostic ones. I’m talking about those extensions that work with code repositories, documentation formats, data formats, and the like, enhancing the general experience of working with Visual Studio Code, regardless of the flavor of code you’re writing.

Here are 10 great extensions for Visual Studio Code that can help most any developer with most any workload.


If you write documentation for a project, odds are you write it with a syntax devised specifically for documentation, like AsciiDoc. João Pinto’s AsciiDoc extension for Visual Studio Code provides many of the features you want and expect, such as live editing preview, syntax highlighting, and symbols support. Note that this extension uses a JavaScript impolementation of the AsciiDoc engine, but you can switch to the Ruby version by changing an internal setting.


Edit syntax-highlighted AsciiDoc files and see a live preview as you go.

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