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Viewing web content on your cell phone has never been easier—Between ultraportable laptops and the time we spend sitting in front of a computer, it’s easy to overlook the comparatively smaller screens on our mobile phones for accessing web content—but these sites are better than ever.

Fear not: with higher resolution screens and better mobile-optimization technology, the following sites won't make you squint, and they offer great ways of keeping up, kicking back, or getting going.



Featuring maps, contact details, and properly-formatted phone links that let you dial with a single click, the Zagat mobile experience is perfect for when you're out and about, hungry, and with no clue about where to grab a bite nearby.



Serving up location and time-sensitive sports info for junkies and casual fans alike, the well-designed ESPN mobile site makes it a breeze to check scores and schedules, and get important news updates. This mobile site also scores points for slotting in graphics that keep the site from looking like a dizzying sea of text.



The BBC mobile site can cleverly auto-detect the device you're on and load material accordingly, which speeds up the experience all around. It pulls from the main BBC website and offers unique mobile-only stories that aren't available anywhere else.



Bookmark this one: after you enter your zip code, the mobile site remembers your location and serves up the latest weather updates so you'll know everything you need with just a quick glance. It also lets you check out how the skies will look ominous, sunny, at the end of your road trip, too.

American Airlines


American Airlines' mobile site conveniently gives users the ability to do pretty much anything they can do over the phone, on the main website, or in person; such as booking travel, checking into a flight, or looking up pesky delays. Anyone flying with American Airlines should take advantage of these mobile services. You'll save yourself time and anxiety.

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