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Atlassian retools Jira project management tool

Atlassian has upgraded its cloud-based Jira software project management tool for small development teams and more-iterative development.

Autonomy is key in the upgrade, with developers able to build their own boards to customize workflows, issue types, and fields—no longer requiring administrators to do so.

The weak Jira mobile app has been improved, with developers able to create and move boards as well as stop and start sprints. Jira integrations also are visible in the mobile app.

Also featured in the Jira Software cloud tool:

  • Jira issues, which connect work across teams and tools, have been redesigned so it is easier to understand what is most important and how to take action on projects.
  • Roadmaps, for communicating the status of products. Big-picture views and timelines can be shared.
  • Users can add more features such as backlogs, estimations, and sprints to workflows, after starting with a lightweight approach.
  • Out-of-the-box filters, for generating a custom view of a board that can be filtered by issue owner, epic, label, and other factors.
  • APIs for third-party tools to integrate with Jira.


Jira’s new roadmapping tool is designed to bring more order to development.

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