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Best 8 High-Quality Websites To Buy Backlinks : Purchase BackLinks and Rank Higher in Search Engines

If you said backlinks, well you are 100% right. Yes, of course getting backlinks to your blog or website is as crucial as it has ever been.

However, I have seen many bloggers and webmasters, who are struggling to improve their search traffic. Struggling to optimize your search traffic, this might be mostly because of less or low-quality building backlinks.

The most important question is, how you can attract and get quality backlinks? Can you buy backlinks for your website?

Is paid backlinks can help or hurt your blog or site in a search engine like Google? Well, in this detailed guide in purchasing backlinks, I am going to provide detail information. Here I am also going to talk about the benefits of buying backlinks along with few other interesting factors. So what are you waiting for? Let’s dig into the detailed information.

Why Backlinks Are Important?

Search engine decides the authority of your blog or site based on the backlinks those point to website/blog. Let’s see the importance of the backlinks.

Backlinks help improve search engine rankings. If the content on the site has quality links from other trusted sites, then it naturally ranks higher in the search engine.

Whenever you update something on website/blog, search engine crawls the site. At a time of crawling search engine indexes the website/blog and it will start getting appear in SERPs. However, if the website/blog has quality backlinks pointing back then it may have a chance to rank higher in search engine results.

So basically, the more backlinks you have on your site, the better your site has chances to get top rank in search engine results.

Backlinks even help you get more referral traffic. That means you will not only get traffic from only search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing but also from the favorite sites. A well-placed link of a site content on authoritative sites will help to get referral traffic. It also helps to drive target traffic to the site.

It also helps in building new relationships. When your audience read any good content on other site or blog and see a backlink to your site then they will surely be interested in visiting and checking your site. You never know they even take measurable action on the site such as joining a newsletter, encourage others users to visit and be the part of your site, or they might wish to connect with you and build a business relationship.

If the site is getting quality links from the authority sites, it will help to build a brand authority.

What Type of Backlinks To Avoid?

There are some backlinks that you really shouldn’t use on your site. I recommend you never to buy backlinks from public networks. This is so easy for a search engine like Google to spot these networks. Here is three particular type of backlinks which aren’t efficient now:

#1. Low-quality content directory submission web pages: If your website/blog doesn’t add any value to the audience or contains duplicate content, then this has a poor image in search engine’s eyes. I recommend you to avoid spammy directories that only exist to publish low-quality articles and offer dofollow links to you.

#2. Executing link exchanges at scale: Well, some follows links to your blogs or websites will work fine. However, if the site backlinks profile consists only of transfers from spammy blogs or sites then this will raise a red flag in Google’s eyes. Even irrelevant reciprocal link among web pages can lead to a penalty. You should also avoid automated outreach emails that build automated link profile.

#3. Paid links which pass PageRank: If you are purchasing or selling dofollow links and leave footprints, Google will going to come after you. Thus, all of your sponsored links need to contain a rel=”nofollow” tag. Or else, Google consider them as link schemes will penalize your website/blog.

What’s The Cost of Purchasing Backlinks?

Just now, I described to get quality backlinks don’t come for cheap. Now the question is how much does it cost? Well, that depends on the sites. Different sites cost different price based on the links. People started thinking about backlinks when Google began using link popularity to rank sites.

Buying backlinks from authority directories, which means you should submit your blog to authority directories. Because they only charge a review fee.

A few years back getting a backlink from PR1 and PR2 websites cost around $20-$30 per link. Some of the sites even used to command $100 or even more. But there is one issue is that those sites sell the links publicly and this is so easy for Google to take action.

Now, we all know that Google has changed its ranking policy and now it has started penalizing sites which sell backlinks publicly. There is a reduction in your site’s domain authority. However, sometimes it entirely removes the site from search results. So if you are purchasing link solely for site rankings, then you are inviting trouble.

I don’t recommend you to buy links. But if you want to buy backlinks, understand the threats and move on. Here I am listing few of the ways that you can buy links for the SEO purpose.

Take advantage of paid guest post: For that go to Google search bar and type “Buy/Purchase Guest Posts”. A few of the links display offer for good link buying services. However, if you write a top quality article to any top influencers in your site niche, you will get backlinks all for free.

SAPE links: You can purchase backlinks from the high authoritative domain for a monthly payment. But, most of the sites on the network are hacked, and backlinks are included without any knowledge of site owner.

Purchase links from fellow bloggers: You will find many of bloggers in your niche who are openly asking for payment. This is all about business.

In that case, here is the cost of the backlink. The niches like travel, fitness, finance, and weddings are selling backlinks for money. The lowest price is they ask for is $100.

But If you wish long term advantages and want to stay away from penalties, here are four simple rules to have quality backlinks.

  1. If you want efficient link acquisition, relevancy is an essential element. Depend upon the content of the linking page, prioritize link opportunities, the content theme of linking domain.
  2. You can analyze more chances with Ahrefs and Majestic.
  3. Get links from good sites is quite challenging. But, you can know more about these sites’ traffic data, analyze with using SEMrush.
  4. If you distribute your backlink anchor text carelessly, it will hurt your site rankings. In any case, you have an exact match anchor text below 1%, and you use keyword-rich anchors, you will surely get a penalty from Google Penguin. So decide how you are using anchor text, it is an essential thing.

Now, it is up to you to take the decision to buy backlinks worth the money or take the risk of getting caught. But from Where to Buy Backlinks? So keeping that in my mind here I am listing eight best and trusted site from that you can buy the quality backlinks.

8 Best Websites To Purchase Quality Backlinks

#1. Links Management

Links Management is the one marketplace which is very popular and the best for the webmasters to start buying the service.

This site has brilliant filters to select DA, PA, Budget, Category and few more factors. If you are on a small budget and wish to purchase quality backlinks, then Links Management site is for you. It gives both the static and permanent backlinks as well. Even they have expertly placed so many sites to get a good position in a search engine like Google with the help of high quality and relevant DA40-DA100 backlinks.

Links Management Buy Backlinks

Buy Backlinks from Links Management

Here are the services this site do offer to the webmasters:

  • It contributes in optimizing website ranking, indexing, and Moz domain authority up to DA90.
  • All the links will be placed manually, surrounded by 500 characters of your content.
  • Increase authority and popularity of your site.
  • Boosts traffic up to 10,000-30,000 visitors per month.
  • Increase sales more than 117% via bringing your site to the Top 10 sites.
  • Helps you get traffic from only high quality and authoritative websites.
  • It offers 100% money back guarantee.
  • Lets you filter your result depend on Page Authority, Domain Authority, Outbound Link ration, and one-time payment.
  • You can also check sites on which the links are going to be live.
  • More than that they offer unique c-class IPs where you can keep your backlinks alive without getting suspected via Google as links come from different IPs.

Other than this It offers free products too, let take a look at those tools:

SEO Cost Calculator Tool: If you want to get information about how much time it will take to get into Google’s top 10 for your keyword. This tool is great to gain that knowledge. It calculates how many links you need and how much does it gone cost you. This tool does the complete comprehensive analysis.

SEO Expert Tool: This tool manages your entire SEO campaign for free and chooses the best DA40 to DA100 links for you.

PDF SEO Report: With their free PDF report you can get information about most deadly, dangerous and expensive SEO mistakes. You can save your time and money and get aware of the risks which can ruin your business.

Even they have paid plan that you can check out on their site.

#2. Backlinks.com

This is another most favorite websites to buy backlinks. Not only you can purchase the links but you can also sell links and make good money out of it. To buy a link from this site, you will require a debit card or credit card or PayPal account.

Buy Backlinks

The ranking of backlinks.com itself is high so one can assume how well it can rank your site in search engines. Let see what features this site offers.

  • Integrated SEO intelligence.
  • Link monitoring and auto replacement.
  • SEO automation with link queues.
  • Quick start link campaign wizard.
  • Generous referral program.
  • Easy to search link page directory.

Buy Links from Backlinks.com

You can get more detail about their pricing plan on their site. The one primary mistake about this website is that it makes paid link sources to be visible to everyone. So Google can easily have an idea of every site that listed with them.

#3. PostLinks

PostLinks to buy backlinks from high ranking pages and quality publishers. They don’t entertain bidding and spamming in here. Without any search engine tricks, you will have natural backlinks.

The content and links you get from this site are purely genuine. Both the advertisers and publishers are provided by complete control over the integrity of the website.

PostLinks to purchase backlinks

Purchase Backlinks from PostLinks

What factor makes this site different from other sites in this list?

Without writing posts, you can earn money on a monthly basis. Through the Autoblogging WordPress plugin, you quickly can monetize sites with the free keyword rich content. By just installing WordPress plugin, you are ready to monthly residual income for every article post and comment.

With the help of this site, you can build inbound links from quality sites relevant to your niche.

  • This site accepts sites and blogs Google indexes those and that also have Moz Domain Authority more than 10.
  • You quickly can specify the keywords phrases and keywords you use to anchor your lists.

#4. Blackhat World

Blackhat World is not a site that sells backlinks. This is a forum where people share information based on their experience. On this forum, you will get lots of marketing lessons one after you check it out.

Blackhat World SEO forums

On the other hand, this forum is always flooded with the tips and tricks of SEO optimization of the sites. People regularly post in this forum about their SEO services including backlink building. So without paying for anything, there is nothing wrong in trying the services they offer. But I recommend you to must ensure the quality of sites from which you get backlinks.

#5. BlackHatLinks

If you want to buy backlinks in mass, then this site is a great option. Be it a comment or dofollow or anything to buy 50 to 200 links for your sites. The sites from that they purchase backlinks has low outbound links. So you will see the result in under few days.

BlackHatLinks to buy backlinks

Buy Backlinks from BlackHatLinks

Here are some their key features that it offers to you:

  • One way backlinks.
  • Offers quality backlinks at low prices.
  • Unique domains.
  • Every order comes with a detailed white label report.
  • 100% verified live links.
  • Offers low outbound links.
  • Supports all languages.

#6. Doctor SEO

On this site besides only buying backlinks, you can purchase even the followers for your business. For all the social media platforms, you can purchase the followers via this site.

Doctor SEO to purchase seo service

Here I have listed the services that this site offers:

Blog comment service: To build relationships with other bloggers in your niche, blog commenting is the best way. Utilizing this software, you can get the related backlinks, visitors, traffic and blog comments. You can get this service in just €12.90.

Link wheel: It is all in one SEO package in which you can get context links from the document sharing sites. This service comes for €13.90.

Social bookmarks high-quality backlinks: This service helps in optimizing organic rankings and traffic. If you wish to gain authority and trust on social sites, then opt into this social bookmarks service for €12.90.

Link Pyramid: With it, you can have 1000 PR3 links and 10,000 site comments. By including a huge link diversity to your page, this service helps in increasing your rankings and traffic. You can enjoy this service with just €13.90.

Directory submission: This service is a white hat SEO mechanism that grants your website high-quality links from the quality and authority sites.

Article submission service: This service builds your brand credibility in the market and makes sure the traffic is high quality and targeted for your site. This service costs around €13.90.

#7. Automatic Backlinks

Automatic Backlinks is not the place where you can purchase backlinks. But it is a site where you can exchange the high-quality links that have high DA and PA ranks. So you can exchange links to keep on using this platform. This is all for free to use the site.

Automatic BackLinks to get backlinks for free

Let’s see it features:

  • Very easy to get started with it.
  • Only allowed good backlinks which are from trusted sources.
  • It leaves no footprint, so it is impossible to detect that you are using it.
  • Once you configured your site and set up your backlinks campaigns, you can just relax and let this site to do all the hard work.
  • All the quality links have MajesticRank.

#8. SEOClerk

SEO Clerk is another marketplace. On this site, some sellers post their service, and it is you who require to distinguish the quality and select from them. The backlink is the only a category on SEO Clerk that you can find lots of SEO services there. All you need is to select the one, get it delivered and pay their fees.

SEOClerks buy online services


This the list high-quality website to buy backlinks. But make sure that you buy only it is necessary, and if it looks trusted. So just purchase backlinks what is needed and just sit back and see your post rankings improvements in Google.


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