BrandPost: New Value Together: Make Any Room a Data Centre

This is a fully connected, intelligent world, where data is a key asset. As services expand, the volume of global data will increase from 44 ZB in 2020 to 180 ZB by 2025. Data centres are increasingly important to the global digital economy. Digital transformation adds pressure to public sector, along with finance, energy, and transportation industries, which are also coping with the uncertainty brought by these service upgrades. Given the ubiquity of data, can data centre infrastructure, as a carrier of data and storage resources, also become pervasive and easily accessible?


The Huawei FusionModule2000@SmartLi UPS data centre solution redefines how data is physically stored. Site selection is now much faster with looser requirements of room size and load bearing capacity. Equipment rooms can now be easily modified to meet the need – even common office buildings or warehouses can be transformed into data centres.

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