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BrandPost: The Rise of Multi-Cloud, Hybrid IT For the Enterprise

The quote, “Everything old is new again” can certainly be applied to technology. Like everything else, technology has cycles that change over time. Innovations lead to new solutions that often change what’s old and make it better. And before you know it, a technology that was thought long gone is now revived — and better than ever.

Consider the enterprise datacenter. Cloud started more than 10 years ago and was the hot, new tech trend. Although businesses continue to migrate many applications to the cloud, trends reveal that enterprises are now choosing hybrid IT (a mix of on-premises and public cloud) because it gives them more options.

An enterprise can now keep key applications on-premises, using new technologies that offer the benefits of public cloud, without the cost, performance, or security concerns. That’s because on-premises solutions have not stood still. Costs have dropped, new types of infrastructures are now available, and deployment models are more flexible — giving you better options than ever before.

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