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Docker Enterprise 3.0 integrates secure Kubernetes stack

With Docker Enterprise 3.0, now available in a beta version, Docker Inc. has outfitted the enterprise container platform with a secure Kubernetes stack. In conjunction with the Docker Enterprise 3.0 unveiling, Docker also rolled out a managed service option for Docker Enterprise.

Docker Enterprise is positioned as an end-to-end platform for building, running, and sharing container-based applications. Docker Enterprise 3.0’s Docker Kubernetes Service (DKS) integrates Kubernetes container orchestration from the developer desktop to the production server.

DKS is compatible with Kubernetes YAML, Helm charts, and the Docker Compose tool for creating multi-container applications. It also provides an automated way to install and configure Kubernetes applications across hybrid and multi-cloud deployments. Other capabilities include security, access control, and lifecycle management. Docker Enterprise customers also can use Docker Swarm to orchestrate Docker containers.

The managed service option, called Docker Enterprise-as-a-Service, enables Docker Enterprise to be deployed as a service on-premises or in the public cloud, via a partnership with CapGemini. The managed service leverages on-demand scaling and usage-based pricing.

Other capabilities of Docker Enterprise 3.0 include:

  • Docker Desktop Enterprise, featuring a set of automation tools that provide an integrated image registry with access to the Docker Hub ecosystem and support deployment to an enterprise Kubernetes environment.
  • Docker Applications, for defining multi-container applications in a single package deployable to any infrastructure. Developers and operations teams can collaborate on an application by defining a group of related containers. This capability is based on the CNAB (Cloud Native Application Bundle) standard. Docker Compose, Helm charts, and Kubernetes are supported.

You can sign up for the Docker Enterprise 3.0 beta program at the Docker website. A Docker ID is required.

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