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Eclipse IDE Photon release train arrives with Rust but no Jakarta EE

It’s late June again, which means it’s time for the Eclipse Foundation’s annual release train featuring the simultaneous release of refreshed and new open source technologies. The 2018 release, dubbed Photon, offers native Eclipse IDE capabilities for the Rust and C# languages, as well as new Java support.

But Eclipse is not including its own enterprise Java project, called Jakarta EE, in Photon. Instead, Jakarta EE (Enterprise Edition) is expected by early 2019.

The new features in Eclipse IDE Photon

Featuring 85 projects and more than 73 million lines of code, Eclipse Photon delivers Rust and C# support through Language Server-based plugins. Developers can build and debug Rust applications with the Eclipse Corrosion IDE. For C# and .Net Core development, Photon provides its aCute tools. The Eclipse IDE LAO adds support for building Java 10 and Java EE 8 applications.

The Photon releases’s Eclipse IDE also provides:

  • C/C++ development tools
  • Collections, a collections framework for Java
  • Dynamic Languages Toolkit
  • EclipseLink, for data persistence in the Java realm
  • Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF)
  • JGit, a Java implementation of Git.
  • the Mylyn task-focused interface
  • PHP Development Tools
  • RedDeer, a framework for building automated tests
  • tools for Cloud Foundry
  • Yasson, a Java framework providing a binding layer between java classes and JSON documents
  • dark theme improvements in colors, background color, and popup dialogs

Where to download Eclipse Photon

You can download Eclipse Photon from the Eclipse Downloads webpage.

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