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Exploring ASP.Net Razor: Putting C# in your HTML

Microsoft’s Active Server Pages have been around a long time; launching back in the early days of the web. Since then they’ve been through several iterations and frameworks, driving the development of ASP.Net and now ASP.Net Core. A focus on the model-view-controller (MVC) design pattern has kept them relevant, with the latest generation of the platform now an open source project.

ASP.Net Core is a redesign of the popular ASP.Net 4 framework, rebuilt for the open .Net Core framework and ideal for use in Windows container microservices hosted in Windows Server Nano. Lightweight and fast, it’s quick to deploy and works well as part of a modern cloud-hosted application architecture. You’re not limited to Microsoft’s own IIS web server either, as the latest versions host on Linux as well as Windows, and run in Apache and Nginx.

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