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Google Go roadmap: What to expect in Versions 2 and 1.13

Builders of the Google Go language (Golang) are exploring directions for the language’s next generation. Major themes emerging for Go 2 include support for better error-handling and generics. While Go 1 was a small team effort, Go 2 will be more community-driven. Enhancements for Go 1.13 are also under consideration.

What’s planned for Go 2

Draft designs for these two areas have been published, although more exploration is needed. Error-handling in Go has had issues with too much error-checking boilerplate code and insufficient precise error reporting. The plan under consideration involves adding a check expression, to shorten error handling while keeping them explicit. A new handle statement defines what actions to take when a check fails, making it easier to add precise error reporting in a single place. Additional standard interfaces for error values also may be explored.

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