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How to get women into cloud computing

The push to get more women in computing is decades old. I remember back in my college professor days they did studies on why there are fewer woman in computer science and information systems studies. We have made little progress since.

With the inflection point of new compute trends, such as cloud computing, the need for entry-level talent has also inflected. Everyone is hiring. There’s a shortage. And the solution to this issue is easy: We need to recruit more women into computer jobs, especially cloud computing.

And we should be able to do so. Today is different than when I was a college professor. College Class of 2017 reports that, “based on Department of Education estimates, women will earn a disproportionate share of college degrees at every level of higher education in 2017 for the 11th straight year.” Overall, women in the Class of 2017 will earn 141 college degrees for every 100 men (up from 139 last year). Also, there will be a gap of 659,000 college degrees in favor of women for this year’s college graduates.

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