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How to work with threads in C#

A thread is the smallest unit of execution within a process. Multithreading is the ability to have multiple threads in memory at a given time and switch among them to handle multiple operations at the same time. Microsoft’s .Net Framework provides excellent support for working with threads.

Programming threads in C#

To work with threads, you should include the System.Threading namespace in your application. To create a new thread, you should leverage the ThreadStart delegate and pass the reference to a method that should execute on the thread. Note that a delegate is a type-safe function pointer. The following code snippet shows how you can create a new thread object using this delegate.

Thread t = new Thread(new ThreadStart(MyThreadMethod));

To start the newly created thread, you should call the Start method on the thread object you have created. The following code listing illustrates this. Note that the thread method MyThreadMethod executes on the new thread (called a worker thread) that has been created.

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