IBM, Red Hat, and AT&T team up for private edge deployments

IBM’s new Cloud Satellite offering will move the company’s open hybrid-cloud framework into new and different environments, thanks to partnerships with AT&T for 5G connectivity and IBM’s Red Hat  unit for containerization.

Cloud Satellite, currently in beta, is a software product, sold through IBM, that provides a link to IBM and AT&T’s hardware. It offers a one-dashboard method of managing services across multiple computing environments, networks and locations. It leverages Red Hat’s OpenShift containerization platform—built on Kubernetes for the flexibility to deploy applications and services across multiple environments—IBM’s cloud framework for management, and AT&T’s public or private 5G for connectivity between customersites and the cloud. Thus, an application could be deployed at the edge, but managed from IBM’s cloud framework, with connectivity furnished by AT&T, and OpenShift making it simpler to keep workloads virtualized and flexible.

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