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Learn Swift: A guide for experienced developers

So your boss wants you to learn iOS app development. Or maybe you have an app side project that you want to work on. Where do you start?

Learning a new platform and programming language can be intimidating. Even as you try to learn the basics, new technology is constantly being released, making it difficult to stay current. It can feel like you’re running a treadmill on top of a treadmill.

In this guide you’ll learn where to start with Apple’s development documentation, the best tutorials, and the best courses and books for experienced developers new to Swift and iOS. You’ll also learn how to best navigate Apple’s technical resources, and how to take your skills further with additional tutorials, courses, and books.

I put together this guide specifically for experienced developers who are looking to learn iOS development quickly. If you’re completely new to programming, you should check out the courses, books, and other resources I discussed in “Learn Swift: 15 beginner-friendly resources for iOS development.”

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