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Review: iPad Air 2020 is a bundle of powerful joy

The all-new iPad Air is a beast. It has the power you need to get all but the highest-end tasks done. It’s also Apple’s most adaptable system, capable of doing almost everything you need, and it’s the iPad to get this season.

What’s inside?

The new iPad Air uses an A14X processor (Apple Silicon). It offers a 10.9-in. display, has a Touch ID sensor underneath the top and one of the side buttons, and offers a 12-megapixel rear camera. In contrast, the last generation iPad Air offered a 10.5-in. display, used an A12 Bionic chip, carried an 8-megapixel rear camera and had the familiar Touch ID Home button system.

The design echoes the squarer design of earlier iPhones, but the tablet is light and durable with its 100% recycled aluminium frame. It has slim bezels, flat edges that make it easy to hold, particularly as the tablet weighs just under one pound. That slight weight makes a real difference if you hold it for extensive periods.

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