The Best Smart Jewelry You Didn’t Know Existed

Jewelry can be recognized as items with limited functionality, with rings identifying your relationship status, watches telling time and for the most it, providing stylishness matching with your outfit. These were before the introduction of smart jewelry. The modern-day jewelry is no longer defined only as an accessory to adore bodies or access very limited functionality. There are more to exploit now, especially with most of the best smart jewelry.

A lot has changed since the introduction of smart utilities to smaller devices. The era of smart jewelry is a gateway to do things with our beauty ornaments. Features such as being able to synchronize with our Smartphone devices for all forms of notifications, fitness tracking, perform payments using NFC, regulate body metrics and mood, and a lot more. Some women gain safety features from a smart jewelry. And most interestingly, you would never know that a smart jewelry has components to perform intelligent tasks.

Perhaps you have seen some of them with the notion that they are just beauty ornaments. Here is the best smart jewelry you didn’t know existed.

Gemio Smart Bracelet

Be sure to remain connected with all your social networks if you are wearing Gemio. The smart jewelry provides a seamless connection with Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and other social media platforms. It can identify the proximity of your friend by synchronizing with her Gemio when she gets close. Gemio is highly social and could be referred to as a jewelry piece for teenage girls. It comes with an app that can be used to customize the look into various patterns and colors, and alongside other features.

Beacon & Lively

This is one of the most elegantly designed smart jewelry listed here. Its aesthetic simplicity is the major virtue of the device, yet it looks really good. Beacon & Lively is a simple striped metal cuff bracelet which illuminates different colors; adjustable from its color wheel, each signifying different notifications from your Smartphone; an email, text message, and other notifications.


With sun exposure being a major source of skin cancer that has affected more than 3.5 million people and skin aging accelerator, this device is a protective smart jewelry for your safety. June smart wristlet by Netatmo is a lovely piece that measures your level of sun exposure. It notifies you when to apply more sunscreen or go indoors for your safety and for you to maintain your best look.


The Kerv smart ring offers you the leisure of making contactless payments. It is NFC-enabled aside from other features. You can store medical details, contact information and emergency personnel details on your Kerv smart ring designed for both men and women. It may look so much like a wedding ring, but hands you the freedom of carrying almost nothing around.


Ear-O-Smart is a stylish pair of stud earrings for fitness tracking, with heart rate monitor. It does not require additional devices to put on like clips on your clothing neither does it dangle on your ear. The smart jewelry will perform all the tracking with good accuracy.

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