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What’s new in Angular: Version 6.1 beta arrives

Version 6 of Angular, Google’s popular JavaScript framework for building mobile and desktop applications, is here, with the first production release available and now a beta version of Angular 6.1 available

Angular provides dependency injection, particularly useful for assembling data services for applications, along with use of an HTML template to compose components. In Angular, developers still compose components with an HTML component that connects to TypeScript code for imperative parts of the program.

Next version: The new features in Angular 6.1

Google’s Angular 6.1 beta has arrived, featuring scroll position management to automatically reset or remember a scroll when navigating around an application. This capability comes into play when using the Angular router. Developers have been building their own scroll positioning for Angular, but now they get this function out of the box.

Angular 6.1 also upgrades to TypeScript 2.8; the framework was rewritten in TypeScript in 2016.

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