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What’s new in Angular: Version 7.1 release candidate arrives

The release candiate of Version 7.1 of Angular, Google’s popular JavaScript framework for building mobile and desktop applications, is now available, with an improvement to the framework’s router. 

Angular provides dependency injection, particularly useful for assembling data services for applications, along with use of an HTML template to compose components. In Angular, developers still compose components with an HTML component that connects to TypeScript code for imperative parts of the program.

Where to download Angular 7

You can download the Angular 7 release from GitHub.

Future version: What’s new in Angular 7.1

While considered a minor release mainly focused on bug fixes, the router in Angular 7.1 has added the pathParamsChange mode for runGuardsAndResolvers, meaning guards and resolvers will ignore changes to optional parameters such as query and matrix parameters. When the path or any params change, the guards and resolvers will run.

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