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What’s new in Google’s Dart 2.2 language

Google’s Dart language, once positioned as a potential replacement for JavaScript in the browser, was rebooted for client-side web and mobile development with the release of Dart 2 in August 2018. Dart 2.2 is now available..

Dart 2 features a strengthened type system, a cleaned-up syntax, and a rebuilt developer tool chain. Dart has a succinct syntax and can run on a VM with a just-in-time compiler, with the compiler enabling stateful, hot reload during mobile development.

Developers also gain from fast development cycles where code can be edited, compiled, and replaced in apps running on a device. Compiling code ahead of time provides fast startup, Google said.

Dart can be compiled to native code for ARM and x86 platforms. Google has used the language to build applications for iOS, Android, and the web.

Where to download Dart 2

You can download the production version of Dart 2 from dartlang.org.

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