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What’s new in Google’s Go language

The team behind Google’s Go language, aka Golang, has released the beta version of Go 1.11, the next version of the popular open source language. Go 1.11 is expected to be in production release in August 2018.

Next version: What’s new in the Go 1.11 beta

Go 1.11 features an experimental port to the WebAssembly binary format. The port is called JS/Wasm. In addition to potential application performance benefits, WebAssembly provides a binary format that serves as a compilation target for other languages, enabling deployment on the web for both client and server applications.

The beta also has changes to the standard library, described as minor by Go’s builders. Some of these involve removing older platform support.

The Go 1.11 release requires MacOS 10.10 Yosemite or later, Windows 7 or later, or OpenBSD 6.2 or later. Support has been removed for previous releases of these operating systems.

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