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What’s new in Microsoft .Net Framework 4.8

Microsoft has released an updated beta of .Net Framework 4.8.

Where to download .Net Framework 4.7

You can download the production release of .Net Framework 4.7 from Microsoft’s .Net site. Microsoft released Version 4.7.2 of the .Net Framework in early May 2018.

Next version: The planned features in .Net Framework 4.8

The initial beta version of .Net Framework 4.8 was released in mid-June 2018. The new beta build, released in December 2018, centers on fixes for performance, reliability, accessibility, and stability across framework libraries. Build 3707 also includes the updated .Net 4.8 runtime and the .Net 4.8 Developer Pack, which bundles the runtime as well as the .Net Framework 4.8 targeting pack and SDK.

New features planned for Net Framework 4.8 include:

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