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What’s new in TypeScript 3.2

The release candidate for TypeScript 3.2, Microsoft’s typed superset of JavaScript, is now available.

Where to download TypeScript

You can download the production version of TypeScript through NuGet or via NPM. To get TypeScript via NPM, use the following command: npm install -g typescript.

Future version: The new fetures in TypeScript 3.2

TypeScript 3.2 introduces stricter checking on the apply, bind, and call methods. These are methods on functions enabling capabilities such as binding this and partially applying arguments and call functions with a different value for this. Also, call functions can be fitted with an array for arguments.

Earier versions of TypeScript lacked the power to model these functions; applybind, and call were all typed to take any number of arguments and return any. Also, ECMAScript 2015’s arrow functions and rest/spread arguments have provided a new syntax to make it easier to express what some of these methods do.

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