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Why 35 percent of cloud spending is wasted

The fast revenue growth of AWS, Azure, and other cloud providers makes it clear that companies are embracing public cloud. However, the story behind the numbers can be a bit murky. In its annual survey of cloud users, the RightScale 2019 State of the Cloud Report from Flexera gives us a clearer picture of how companies are adopting cloud, what the challenges are, and which cloud initiatives they are investing in.

One of the key findings revealed in the report is the challenge that many organizations are facing with growing cloud spend. Larger enterprises are running 33 percent of workloads in the public cloud. That is driving large public cloud bills, with 13 percent of enterprises already spending more than a million dollars per month ($12M per year). Additionally, organizations of all sizes are expecting to grow public cloud spending by 24 percent in 2019.


Managing cloud spending is a major challenge

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