Learn all about who you are and where you come from with the $69 23andMe DNA test kit

The 23andMe at-home Ancestry DNA test is down to $69 on Amazon. It normally sells for $99, but 23andMe is currently taking 30% off for a limited time.

You can also get the equivalent AncestryDNA testing kit for $59 if you buy from them directly. That's a better price but it's not on Amazon this low (yet).

Another option is to upgrade to the 23andMe Health + Ancestry personal genetic service for $139. That's down from a price around $199 and just $10 above its lowest price ever.

The first kit is strictly DNA testing. It'll tell you all about your family's history, your ethnic background, and maybe reveal some interesting facts about yourself you never knew. You'll also be able to connect with relatives based on your DNA from all around the world. If you want to, you'll be able to upgrade to the health screening later but it will cost extra. The second, more expensive option is the one that adds health screening. It will tell you everything your DNA tells them about your health, your traits, and what you might be at risk for.

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