Mobile : An Introduction to Froyo

Google's Android™ operating system is changing the landscape of the mobile market with its latest version, Android 2.2 or Froyo. It delivers dozens of features designed to make the mobile experience even better.

Android Explained

Android is the only mobile operating system created by Google. It basically turns your mobile device into a pocket-sized personal computer. Android includes a full web browser and Internet surfing capabilities, plus the ability to play games, enjoy music and videos, send text messages, and make calls on your phone. You can also access over 80,000 applications through the Google Play™, such as Gmail, Pandora and Facebook.

Since Android is open-source software, anyone can make the operating system better. You benefit from the knowledge of both Google developers and third-party developers. You can also upgrade your existing Android phone to Froyo and get the same benefits without spending an extra penny.

Improved Speed and Performance

Your device is instantly 2-5 times faster with Android 2.2, which means things like searches, email and apps will run smoother and feel more responsive. Your web browser will also run JavaScript, a language that enables much of the interactivity on today Web, 2-3 times quicker than before.

Enhanced Browser with Flash Support

Android 2.2 takes full advantage of the variety of tools available online. It supports Adobe® Flash® 10.1, Adobe® Air®, file uploading and Chrome's V8 JavaScript engine so you can access the full Internet along with great games and interactive web pages.

Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot

Turn your device into an instant Wi-Fi hotspot with Android 2.2, and use it to provide Internet access to your laptops and gaming consoles, just like a wireless connection you might find in your home or at a cafe. Once connected, you can access the Internet using the same network on which your device normally runs, anywhere you have wireless data coverage.

More Features

Here are some other new things you can do in Android 2.2:

  • Easily restore app data in case you lose your device or get a new one.
  • Download music directly to your device through the Google Play.
  • Share your contacts over Bluetooth.
  • Make hands-free calls on your phone with voice dialing.
  • Get additional support for Microsoft® Enterprise and Microsoft® Exchange, including enhanced security and calendar synchronization.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get Android 2.2?
Different Android phones from different carriers provide upgrades in a number of ways. If you have an older version of the Android operating system, contact your carrier to find out how and when you can update your phone model.

Is there more than one Android phone?
Yes, there are multiple phones offering the Android 2.2 operating system, which makes it easy to find one that has the features and service plan you need. Check out Samsung’s Android phones or contact your carrier to find out which ones they carry.

Do I have to switch carriers to use an Android device?
No, the Android operating system can be found on devices from a number of carriers. Visit your carrier’s website to see their selection of Android devices or check out Samsung’s Galaxy S™ smartphones and Galaxy Tab™.

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