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The Samsung Galaxy Note™ software update is now available. Here’s a look at the new features and enhancements—including Android™ 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich and Premium Suite—that will make your Galaxy Note even better.

How to Update Your Galaxy Note

Ready to update? See instructions to update your Galaxy Note.

Introducing Premium Suite with Ice Cream Sandwich

Premium Suite Enhancements

This collection of apps is designed specifically for the S Pen™ and has new features that will improve your Galaxy Note experience and productivity.

S Memo Upgrade

With the new S Memo™ Widget you have one-touch access to key S Memo features so you can capture your ideas quickly and intuitively. This enhanced widget allows you to instantly select your desired S Memo input function directly from the home screen. The content you create can be uploaded to Evernote® and Google Drive™, and downloaded in its native format.

S Note Preload

Describe your life in detail, capture ideas and create different types of documents with the help of these new productivity tools.

New Templates make it simple for you to record, organize and share your thoughts and experiences:

Note and Idea Note: These templates feature basic line designs and function similarly to current S Memos. Extend your notes by pressing the + key at the bottom right and choosing a layout.

Travel: Create a personal travel log that includes a picture from the camera or gallery, names of travel buddies, written or text your notes and more. You can also change shapes, line sizes and add color to customize your note.

Magazine: Create a custom magazine about your life. Add video from your gallery or shoot it on the spot; insert pictures, S Memos or items on your clipboard; rearrange, remove and resize pictures by pressing and holding the selected image; and write out your messages or type them in text boxes.

Diary: Keep a daily log of your life, complete with weather and pictures. Write, type or handwrite-to-text; set your mood and weather for the day; and add voice to complete the experience.

Recipe: Record or share recipes of your yummy treats. Name your creations, add pictures and type out your recipes or handwrite your own notes. Share them with your friends through messaging, Gmail™, Bluetooth® or upload to Google Drive.

Meeting Note: Capture the minutes and notes of a meeting, and sync attendees from your contact list by pressing and holding Select from Contacts. You can also identify dates and times of meetings, and add pages with the “blank” lined template. Press and hold selected areas to activate typing or handwriting-to-text, or set dates, times and attendees.

Productivity Tools

  • Formula Match features math formula recognition and auto calculation. Write a formula or math equation and Note will convert it into an easy-to-read text version. You can even look up different equations and answers via WolframAlpha.com. Looking for the answer or what your equation looks like as a line graph? Press the Search (question mark) button.
  • Shape Match provides automatic shape correction. Draw a rough sketch of a triangle and Note converts it to a clean, clear triangle. Color in your shapes using the S Pen tool.
  • Handwriting-to-Text converts your handwriting into clean, easy-to-read text. You can quickly write down your notes without worrying about whether or not others can read them—simply convert your notes to text and instantly share them.
  • Knowledge Search takes your handwritten words and questions and looks for the answers. Write a word or phrase and Note will look for it on the Internet via WolframAlpha.com. After you finish writing, simply press the Search (question mark) button.

My Story App

Experience enhanced personal communication with S Pen’s expressive features, creative templates and a variety of multimedia tools. Share your personal story by writing a letter or card and creating multimedia albums you can send to anyone. Available for download in Samsung Apps.

New Android 4.0 Features

The Android™ 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich, update offers some notable improvements that allow for greater flexibility, improved communication and easier sharing.

Advanced Multitasking

Holding the Home key lets you jump instantly from one task to another using the list in the System Bar. The list pops up to show thumbnail images of recently used apps. Tapping a thumbnail switches to the app. Swiping it removes it from the list and stops the app.

Data Usage Monitor

Monitor and set limits to data usage with this new feature. You’ll see which applications use the most data and get detailed information.

Desktop Browser Experience

Easily switch from a website’s mobile view to desktop view by pressing the menu and checking the desktop view box.

Face Unlock

This new screen-lock option lets you unlock your device just by looking at your phone. To set it up, select Settings > Security > Screen Lock. Choose Face Unlock, then hold the phone steady at eye level for about 15 seconds. You’ll also want to create a pattern or PIN as a backup, which you’ll need if your face isn’t recognized. Once it’s set up, simply pick up your phone and look at the screen. When your face is recognized, the phone unlocks.

NFC/Android Beam

NFC allows your phone to communicate with other NFC-enabled devices and share information or perform actions, such as creating TecTiles™ or NFC tags and making NFC-enabled payments via Google (not on AT&T). To turn NFC on, go to Settings > Wireless & Network and check the NFC box.
With Android Beam, you can beam app content, such as directions, YouTube™ videos, contacts, apps and more, to another NFC-enabled device by holding the devices back to back. To turn Android Beam on, go to Settings > Wireless & Network > Android Beam > On. To transfer, place devices back to back and touch your screen to beam to the other device.

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