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Media Hub brings all-star entertainment to Samsung tablets, televisions and HomeSync. The app is preloaded on your device so you can instantly enjoy a diverse selection of movies and TV shows on brilliant Samsung displays.

Instant Entertainment

Available exclusively on Samsung devices, Media Hub takes advantage of the stunning viewing quality on and tablets and televisions. Watch movies from across all genres — family films, comedies, thrillers, blockbuster action hits and classics. Select movies are available the day they are released on DVD. Media Hub also features past seasons of your favorite TV shows, and episodes from current seasons the day after they hit the air.

Media Hub is a cloud service that lets you view the purchases you make on up to five devices at a time; and you never have to sync with a PC—all downloads are over Wi-Fi. With progressive download, you can start to watch instantly while you load your content; no waiting like other stores. Purchases are tied to your Samsung Account, so there’s no need to back up your content on the device. Access Media Hub and watch what you want, when you want, where you want.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Media Hub available on the Galaxy S® 4?
A: Media Hub is part of the Samsung Hub application that is preloaded on the Galaxy S 4. Within Samsung Hub the service is called “Samsung Video.” For more information about Samsung Hub, visit samsung-hub.com.

Q: What happened to the Media Hub app on the Samsung Galaxy S III and Samsung Galaxy Note® II?
A: Media Hub is now part of the Samsung Hub application on the Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note II. Within Samsung Hub the service is called “Samsung Video.” If you were a Media Hub user on either of those devices, you should have received an update the last time you opened the Media Hub app. Once you update, the Samsung Hub icon replaces the Media Hub icon. For more information about Samsung Hub, visit samsung-hub.com.

Q: Where do I find my previously purchased or rented content from Media Hub or Music Hub?
A: Go to Samsung Hub, then click Menu > Purchased on your device to find previously purchased content. Previously rented content outside of the rental window will not be available. For more information about Samsung Hub, visit samsung-hub.com.

Q: How soon are new releases available?
A: Depending on the title and studio, new releases are available the day of the DVD release or shortly thereafter. TV shows are available as soon as the day after they originally aired, depending on the studio.

Q: How many times can a rental be watched?
A: You can watch a rental an unlimited amount of times, as long as it has not expired.

Q: What happens if I am downloading a movie or TV show and I move out of coverage?
A: When you move out of a Wi-Fi® network your download will be suspended. Your download will resume once you access the My Media screen and Refresh your content while on a Wi-Fi network.

Q: How do I stop others from making purchases on my account?
A: Just like your email address login, your Media Hub login information is extremely sensitive. You must never give out your information if you do not want other people accessing it. In order to prevent inadvertent access of your account through simple access of your device by another party, you are automatically logged out every 20 minutes. This does not affect your ability to browse through the store but prevents you from editing account information and making purchases.

Getting Started on Media Hub

Once you have Media Hub open, three main screens will give you access to the major functions within the application.

  • My Media: Manage and Watch Your Content
  • Movie Store: Browse, Search, Buy and Rent Movies
  • TV Store: Browse, Search, Buy TV Shows


After selecting Movie Store, you will be able to browse through multiple movie genres like Action, Comedy and Family. Select a genre and begin scrolling through the various movie selections within that category. You can either purchase a movie or rent it from 24 to 48 hours, depending on the selection. After the download, you will have 30 days from purchase to start watching your selection. You will then have 24 to 48 hours to finish watching the movie.

My Accounts

From the My Accounts screen, you can manage your account details, view purchases, manage devices and reset Media Hub. To access the My Accounts screen, log in and click the Menu button to bring up the Options menu. Once you are on the My Accounts screen, you will have the following options.

  • My Details: View/Edit Your Accounts Details
  • My Purchases: View All of Your Stored Purchases
  • My Payment Methods: View/Edit Card Details
  • Manage My Devices: View/Edit Devices Linked to My Account
  • Log Out: Log Out of the Video Store
  • Reset Media Hub: Wipe Account Data. This function will also erase all of your media content.

My Media

Manage and track all your programs from one screen. Once a program has finished downloading, the selection will have a white lock symbol on the Play icon. In order to play the program the first time, you must set up an active data connection to unlock the file.

TV Shows

After selecting TV Store, you will be able to scroll through the various television networks (NBC, Warner, MTV, Paramount and Universal) and search for your favorite shows. You can catch series premieres and new episodes the day after they air. After you find a particular show, you have the option to either purchase the season or select an individual show.

Note: Television shows are only available for purchase.

Purchasing a Movie or TV Show

After a movie or TV show is selected, you must log in to your account to reach the Choose Payment Method screen. Your options include entering your payment information, selecting a credit card already on file, or being billed by your carrier later. Once you make your selection, your payment is processed and you will be directed to the confirmation screen.

At the confirmation screen, press the Download button to begin downloading your program immediately. You will be directed to the My Media screen to manage your downloads.

Note: You can only download content if you are on a Wi-Fi® network.

Managing Downloads

At the My Media screen you can track the download process in the queue. You will have the ability to prioritize your selections if you have multiple downloads in your queue.

Note: You can watch your program while it is downloading as long as the play button is enabled and not grayed out.

For more information about Media Hub, click here.

Screen images simulated. Appearance of device may vary. Some features may not be available in all areas.

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