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Explore, study, take notes, track your progress and more. Now the world-class educational resources of Khan Academy are right in the palm of your hand.

Explore, study, take notes, track your progress and more. With newly enhanced features, S Educate makes the world-class educational resources of Khan Academy more accessible than ever.

S Educate puts the world-class educational resources of Khan Academy in the palm of your hand. With newly enhanced features, including easier navigation and seamless S-Pen™ integration, S Educate provides an even more effortless interactive experience that elevates educational engagement for students, teachers, and all inquisitive minds.

Learn Anytime, Anywhere

Since its founding in 2006 as a groundbreaking Silicon Valley startup, Khan Academy has been at the forefront of online learning. Dedicated to bringing high-quality education to students of all ages and levels, Khan Academy offers a curriculum of more than 4,400 free, award-winning videos, with more being added every day. Subjects range from math and science to art history and standardized test prep, all presented in an easy-to-follow format that has made Khan Academy a valued educational resource around the world.
S Educate gives you full access to Khan Academy’s entire library of video tutorials. S Educate enhances learning and increases engagement, with a redesigned user interface that provides better navigation and easier access to the most commonly used functions. Download videos and playlists to watch when you’re not online. The new subtitles featured on S Educate let you focus on the video without missing a word. Work more quickly and creatively with the multi-window feature, which lets you keep multiple windows open at the same time.
S Educate features even better integration of the innovative S-Pen. Now you can take notes right on the device in portrait or landscape, and expand the note-taking area to the entire screen. You can change the look of your notes with different text colors and widths, and save them as handwriting to review and edit later. S Educate harnesses Samsung technology to create virtual education that’s as intuitive as it is versatile.

Search, Study and Share

Whether you're studying on your own, complementing traditional classroom lessons or you’re a parent or teacher trying to customize the learning experience, the key features of S Educate provide powerful study tools.
Search across the entire library of videos for students K–12 and adults alike. From general subjects like finance, you can drill down to detailed lessons on your area of study, maybe raising money for a startup, or how to solve for x in an equation.
S Educate also provides an enhanced search feature that lets you search for topics, videos as well as videos that you took notes for. Share videos with friends and other students.

Track Your Progress

With a more personalized experience for logged in users, S Educate makes it even easier to measure your progress. When you log in, you can immediately view your profile and see how many merit points you’ve accumulated, along with other achievements, notes, and learning history. Track your progress with game-inspired tools that show you where you’re soaring and where you need to work harder. Challenge yourself and gain bragging rights as you advance in your field of study.

Download S Educate

Download S Educate from Samsung Apps or Google Play and take advantage of all the great educational resources provided by the Khan Academy.

For more information, read the S Educate FAQs. If you have additional questions, email us at

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