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We’ve had a blast showing off our favorite Samsung Galaxy S® III and Samsung Galaxy Note™ II features in our Next Big Thing TV commercials. Now we want to make sure you can show off these features to your friends. Here, you’ll learn how to beam content between phones.

Easily Share Content with S Beam

Want to quickly and easily share the party photos you just snapped or a presentation you recently updated? With S Beam, you can send files and photos to another S Beam-enabled device by simply tapping your phones back-to-back.

Step 1: Turn your NFC on. NFC is a short-ranging pairing protocol that makes a secure connection between your device and another device. It’s the same technology used in our TecTiles. To turn on NFC, hit the left capacitive button, and select Settings. Click on “More settings” and check the box next to NFC. Don’t worry, this won’t drain your battery.
Step 2: Click S Beam and turn on.
Step 3: Open the content that you want to share. You can share pictures, videos, contacts, web page links, even links to an application on Google Play™ Store. To share a link to an application, open the application and follow the steps below.
Step 4: Hold your phone back-to-back with another S Beam-enabled device. The screen image will shrink, and you’ll see the text, “Touch to Beam”.
Step 5: Click the screen. You can now separate your phones and the file will begin downloading on your friend’s device.

Beam Your Playlists

We’ve built S Beam functionality into Samsung’s new Music Hub. In addition to streaming millions of songs advertisement-free, you can also share playlists and songs by tapping your phone back-to-back with another Music Hub subscriber’s phone.

Step 1: Follow the instructions for S Beam above to activate NFC and S Beam.
Step 2: Launch Samsung Music Hub from the application menu.
Step 3: Select the icon for “My Music.” Select the playlist you’d like to share.
Step 4: Hold your phones back to back. Touch to beam. The playlist will appear on your friend’s device in the playlist folder.

To learn more about how to beam your playlist, read this FAQ.

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