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Enjoy and take full advantage of your Samsung Galaxy Note® and its Air View capabilities with these Samsung apps. Personalize, create and share content on your Galaxy Note II, Galaxy Note 8.0 and Galaxy Note 10.1 with apps developed to give you the best experience on your Samsung device.

What is Air View?

Air View allows you to preview content by “hovering” or barely touching the screen on your Samsung Galaxy Note. With no contact necessary, a little indicator appears to let you know you're within hovering distance with your S Pen. Use Air View with the S Pen on applications such as Email, S Planner Calendar, Gallery or Video Player, so you can preview details of the content without switching to a new screen. With Air View, you can save time by quickly searching thru your content without opening any applications. Enjoy a new way to select what you want to see and do.

Samsung apps are optimized for Samsung mobile devices and thoroughly tested to deliver the highest quality user experience. You may access these apps directly from the Samsung Apps store:

Camera AceCameraAce allows you to personalize and pre-organize your photos with default themes. You can also create and manage images by assigning specific filters and applying enhanced effects such as photo collage. Use Air View with your S Pen to allow you to preview filters and special effects before you make a selection, making it fun and easy to personalize photos with one click.

FlipboardFlipboard is a social newsreading app that lets you select your own news topics so you can easily catch up on news and stories you care about, all in one place. See everything from posts and photos shared by friends on Facebook and Instagram to videos from YouTube and pop culture nuggets. Use it on your morning train commute, while on vacation, at work, or simply to unwind at the end of the day. By using Air View with the S Pen, you can select and expand a news tile by hovering the S Pen over a selection.

News aceNewsAce is a one-stop multimedia news reader with 400+ recommended news channels. Use Air View with your S Pen to preview articles from news thumbnails and enable quick browsing. Enjoy the versatility of the S Pen on your Galaxy Note by annotating articles, making notes and highlighting important passages. Subscribe to and browse through all types of news formats including video, podcast and radio, all in one place.

Photo DeskPhoto Desk offers a user-friendly gallery with multi-split screen interface for photo management and editing. It helps you organize albums within folders, providing a more enhanced experience than most default Gallery apps. By using the S Pen with Air View, you can quickly find photo details by hovering over the image to view its title, date, time, image size and folder location. Air View over a folder to preview how many photos or videos are contained in the folder.

PicsArt-Photo StudioPicsArt-Photo Studio is a full-featured photo editor and art community. PicsArt wraps the best of what desktop photo and image editing suites can offer in an amazingly intuitive and easy-to-use user interface. Apply an incredible array of photo manipulations, collages, borders, stickers, clipart graphics, color adjust and more. You can also share your work and connect with a global community of other artists thru social networks like Facebook, or SMS and email. Enhance your creativity with the accuracy and versatility of the S Pen using Air View.

soonr scribbleSoonr Scribble is a cloud-based app that allows you to quickly capture your ideas, mark up, and share documents. It turns your Galaxy Note into a state-of-the-art productivity tool. This app works with just about any type of file from spreadsheets to presentations, expense reports or memos. Soonr Scribble backs up documents and allows sharing, searching, editing and syncing of your files—from any device, online or offline. This app is a fantastic tool to keep up your productivity from wherever you are. With your S Pen, use Air View over icons to check out special tips for quick editing.

You can also improve you personal productivity by using Air View with any of these everyday apps:

Photo Gallery and Videos

Photo Gallery and Videos: Using Air View in a photo gallery, you can hover over photo albums using your S Pen. Air View then offers a magnified preview of multiple photos inside the albums. This will save you the need of having to open numerous albums.

Air View works well for videos as well: Move your S Pen over the video timeline, which will show you the preview of the video at that particular timeline even while playing the video in current time. You will be able to easily locate a particular section in the video.

S Planner Calendar

S Planner Calendar: Air View over calendar items to preview appointment and meeting details. Hovering will also show you a list of all the day’s events. Enjoy the convenience and time-saving benefits that Air View offers with the ability to preview calendar items to get a quick glimpse of your schedule without jumping in and out of calendar entries.


Email: With Air View, you can hover over the subject line or email body preview to show you a sizeable amount of text. Air View allows you to save time by providing the convenience of not having to open every email item.

Contacts: Use Air View to preview contact details such as address book entries, email addresses and phone numbers without having to fully open each entry.

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