Sign up for Google’s User Research program and help guide Android’s future — Here’s how!

Sign up for the Google User Research Experience.

Google doesn't build Android in a vacuum (literally and figuratively). The company works with many people, including Android users like you, to add features, improve performance, and make the OS better, year after year.

One way you can help is by signing up for the Google User Research Experience, which gives you access to unreleased products, services, and Android features before anyone else. By signing up, you participate in studies (and get cool incentives when you do) that can help shape the future of Google and Android, and your experience within that ecosystem.

The commitment is pretty minimal, but the really cool part about it is that you join a growing community of people doing the same thing — helping make Android better, and Google better informed about what users want. We even have a forum you can visit after signing up, where you can meet other participants and discuss the things you're allowed to discuss.

Are you interested? Sign up for the Google User Research Experience now and then jump into the forums to learn more!

Sign up now!

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