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10 machine learning APIs developers will love

It wasn’t too long ago that you needed to put on a white lab coat to work with artificial intelligence. The science was arcane, complex, and something that very few human intelligences could grok.

That’s changed. The scientists in their lab coats recognized the power of distributing software as a service and they bundled together their code and turned it into an API that anyone could use. Just post your data to the service and artificial genius comes back in a few milliseconds. Well, it could take longer if you’ve got a big data set.

What does that artificial intelligence do with your data set behind the curtain? You won’t need to pay much attention. That’s the point of software as a service. Data goes in. Genius comes out.

Okay, that’s exaggerating the progress. You may not need to understand all of the math that’s deep inside the AI code and you may not need to feel completely comfortable with “tensor this” and “vector that.” But you will need to spend some time wrangling your data until it fits. There is still plenty of work that must be done to get the data in the right format with the values in the right columns with the right type.

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