BrandPost: Rethinking Cloud for the Future

If someone had told me five months ago that the name of the game for cloud in 2020 would be “the ability to scale,” I would probably have thought they were 10 years late. Fast-forward to now, and it seems the biggest asset for organizations is indeed the ability to scale their digital selves to meet the tremendous demand of a world where their physical self is literally constrained by social-distancing mandates.

The dramatic, global migration to online business in 2020 has become THE global-scale massive stress-test for cloud computing and the novelties it introduced years back. Despite some initial hiccups related more to application design than infrastructure capacity, or customers getting anxious over availability, cloud services helped organizations meet the demand spike in early 2020. Cloud equipped IT teams with the tools to not only elastically stretch resources or develop faster, but also scale down where required to preserve cost.

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