Play an old school classic or pick something new in this one-day board game sale

Did you know you don't need a screen to have fun?

Today's Amazon Gold Box deals of the day features a selection of board games all on sale. This is a huge list with a lot of options to choose from, so pick something for you and a friend or something for the whole family. Some of the games are cooperative and some are competitive.

If you haven't played a board game in a while, you might be surprised about what the more advanced ones are like. You still have the old-school games you know and relate to like Sorry! for $12.62 and Stratego for $16.49. There also some more advanced games like the $21.12 Pandemic, where you have to stop deadly diseases from wiping out the world, or the $27.99 Tokaido with its beautiful artwork and strategic gameplay.

Check out the full sale and add to your collection today.

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