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6 under-the-radar JavaScript tools you should know

The JS Foundation is the home of prominent open source JavaScript projects, most notably the popular jQuery JavaScript library. But it also has lower-profile efforts that developers might benefit from, for a variety of uses such as cloud provisioning, the internet of things (IoT), payments, and Node.js programming.

Here are six you should know.

Architect (.arc)

The Architect project, aka .arc provides a plaintext manifest for defining cloud infrastructure, letting developers focus on business logic on Amazon Web Services. Developers can use it to set up an application to run on the AWS Lambda cloud service. Architect is intended to get developers up to speed with serverless computing in a few minutes, enabling quick provisioning. With Architect, the NPX package runner for NPM is used to generate local code and configure and provision cloud infrastructure from the Architect manifest.

It currently works with JavaScript programs, but Architect may one day work with Python and Go programs as well. The technology also may be expanded to work on other clouds, such as Microsoft Azure.

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