Mobile : Android’s Class Apps for Back-to-School

Start the school year off right with must-have back-to-school apps from Google Play™, all ready to download to your favorite Android device.

Blackboard Mobile Learn

Now mobilized on your Android™ device, Blackboard Mobile™ Learn brings your college courses to life like never before. View course content right on your Android device, access documents in multiple formats, create content and class discussion threads, and upload media attachments to blogs, journals and discussions.

Bright Idea: Take the lecture beyond the lecture hall—Blackboard Mobile Learn is a truly mobile, interactive classroom experience that will expand the way you study, learn and connect with professors and students.


Experience life without wires. Free on Google Play, doubleTwist® puts your iTunes playlists, videos and photos on your Android device using your Wi-Fi network, no wires attached.

Bright Idea: With doubleTwist, you can always have the right playlist at your fingertips—essential for study inspiration, taking a break, or maybe just tuning out a noisy roommate.

RealCalc Scientific Calculator

This is the real deal. Geek out with all the functions of a fully featured scientific calculator, including result history, unit conversions, percentages, trig functions, scientific and engineering modes and more, along with full built-in help, all in the palm of your hand.

Bright Idea: Unlock the secrets of quantum physics…or just figure out how to split that restaurant bill between you and your friends. Either way, the RealCalc Scientific Calculator is one indispensable app.


The online reference resource you already use all the time, now mobilized on your Android device. With 375,000 words and definitions, 300,000 synonyms and antonyms, phonetic and audio pronunciation tips, plus daily content like Word of the Day, you'll never be at a loss for words.

Bright Idea: Find a better way to get your point across in essays, papers…or tweets with Dictionary.com. A fully mobile dictionary and thesaurus puts the power of language wherever you need it.

NOOK for Android by Barnes & Noble

NOOK lets you take your library with you wherever you go. Shop over two million titles, from classics to bestsellers to hot new releases; read books, magazines and newspapers right on your Android device; get instant access to hundreds of free NOOK books. Thanks to new optimization for Android tablets, you can customize your reading experience with instant dictionary word look-up, page-turn functionality, and the ability to upload your own ePub files and lend eBooks to other readers.

Bright Idea: With hundreds of free titles instantly available on NOOK, including some classic reading-list lit, you can skip a trip to the campus bookstore and have one less volume to carry around—more room for those 10-pound textbooks!

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