Canary’s cameras get person-detecting AI improvements

False positives are hands-down the worst part of my home security camera. At some point, the thing started sending me video snippets every time my rabbit eats a piece of arugula. Which is fine for, like, a day — and then almost immediately annoying.

After rolling out a version of AI-based person detection earlier this year, Canary’s upping that, offering some key refinements. Among other additions is the ability to filter captures based on people moving or all motion. That way you don’t get a ping every time, say, a light casts a shadow on the wall.

A nice addition, though the tech itself can probably still use a bit of improvement. I’ve been using an original Canary in my house and it occasionally mistakes said rabbit for a human. I mean, she’s smart for a rabbit, but aside from chewing some wood work and seasonal shedding, she isn’t likely to cause much mayhem in my apartment.

Even with the occasional false positives, however, that’s still a lot fewer notifications if you have pets around the house. If a wild pack of raccoons breaks into your home and wrecks the place, however, you’re in for a rude awakening.

The new feature rolls out to Android and iOS users on Thursday.

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