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The S Pen™ for the Samsung Galaxy Note® 8.0 offers the comfort of a pen and the control of a mouse, so you can create, compose and edit wherever you are. The S Pen is so much more than just a digital pen or stylus, and offers more utility than you’d expect. Here are some tips to help you use the S Pen for much more than writing.


5 Galaxy Note 8.0 S Pen Tricks


Preview without Touching the Screen

With the S Pen, you can interact with your Galaxy Note 8.0 without even touching it. Simply hover the S Pen over the screen to preview content. Air View™ is best on the Galaxy Note 8.0 within the email app, where you can preview the first few lines of an email without marking the email as read, and even hover the S Pen over the paper clip to preview attachment file names. Air View is also great within the S Planner to quickly preview your agenda in the middle of a busy week. It’s also useful when previewing photos in the gallery or hovering over the progress bar in the video to preview stills so you always start at the right point.


Our Version of Keyboard Shortcuts

On our PCs, we use keyboard shortcuts to work faster, pressing several keys at once to bypass multiple steps. With S Pen shortcuts on the Galaxy Note 8.0, you can work just as efficiently. The simplest trick is to hold the button on the S Pen while drawing an up arrow (^) on the screen. This is a great shortcut to open or close the menu within an app. If you want to create more shortcuts, simply go to Quick Commands in the S Pen settings and create shortcuts to launch apps or change the settings on your Galaxy Note 8.0. Once you’ve added more shortcuts, hold the S Pen button and drag the S Pen up vertically from the bottom of the screen. This will launch the Quick Command window, where you can access all of your shortcuts.


Capture Only a Clip, not the Whole Screen

Screen shots are a great tool to share maps, conversations, photos and web images with friends. Sometimes we just want to share a small portion of the screenshot, and cropping can be tedious and limiting. With the S Pen, you can easily grab as much or as little of the screen as you’d like and in any shape you want. Simply hold the button on the S Pen while you draw a freehand shape around whatever it is you’d like to capture. When you release the button, you’ll see a menu below of several apps you may want to use to share the image. If you select one, your image will automatically paste into it. If not, the image will simply copy to the clipboard for you to add to a different app. It’s a fast, easy and fun way to share whatever you discover on your Galaxy Note 8.0.


Ditch the Pencil Case, but Keep All Your Pens

The typical desktop pencil cup has a few blue pens, a black pen, a red for editing, some highlighters, and perhaps whiteout or a pencil. The S Pen is all of those writing tools in one, and it’s a breeze to switch back and forth between each pen setting. First, to set up your favorite pen settings, simply open S Note, select the pen icon, and choose the Preset option. Click the down arrow to expand the menu and choose a pen type, thickness and color. Now, just tap the preset menu to quickly access any of these settings.


Highlight Effectively and Efficiently

Maybe you are studying from an e-book or reading a bunch of articles on your Galaxy Note 8.0. You come across a line that is important and you need to share it. The S Pen can be used to quickly highlight and share text. Simply hold the button on the S Pen, and then drag the S Pen on the screen across the text you’d like to grab. Then click copy from the top menu and paste the text wherever you’d like.

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